Michelin on the counterattack, Piero Taramasso: “No more blaming the tires.”

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Finished in the eye of the storm at the end of the season, now going on the counterattack.

Michelin at the center of criticism from MotoGP riders in the championship stage that decided the rainbow race between Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin. Both candidates for the iris had not hidden their disappointment with the performance of the tires in the last Grand Prix of 2023, and meanwhile decided to respond Piero Taramasso, who of the French tire manufacturer è the head of two-wheel competitions.

"It was a quiet season and it è ended agitatedly. This è true,” Taramasso stressed, as quoted on the website of the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' -But in my opinion several factors contributed, including the stress of the rainbow fight, the fact that the rider market was open, the nervous load given by the Sprint Races. Martin’s mismatched performance in Qatar, then, did the rest. And it gave rise to discussion and controversy".

"What è that è certain è that there were no manufacturing or quality problems" – guaranteed Taramasso -. If a tire does not work, already from the first lap it makes you lose a second. We did all the necessary analysis, and the data we exchanged with Ducati did not return anything abnormal. We make huge efforts, and we want the riders to be happy. But blaming the tires è the easiest excuse, saying they are bad on purpose è even absurd".

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