Giacobbe Fragomeni charges Italian boxers

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The words of Giacobbe Fragomeni

On the eve of TAF 4, a big boxing meeting scheduled for Friday night at Allianz Cloud that has Giacobbe Fragomeni among its organizers, the former WBC world champion, now trainer of three of the evening’s protagonists, spoke about his new life. "After three years I can say that I am doing quite well although I am always trying to improve. As for the organization, my wife does it all: we are a good team. In the gym I provide my experience and from the way the boxers are finding themselves I feel that everything is going well".

"How does it feel for me to come back to the Allianz Cloud? It's very nice, we would have filled it well in my day. But I don&#39t want to talk too much about when I was fighting, the past è past. The spotlight has to be on those who step into the ring now", the boxer who triumphed in the then Palalido reminded Mi-Tomorrow.

"How has boxing changed from then to now? We used to fight for the pleasure of it. Today boxers look at the record and are therefore happy if they beat any opponent. I am teaching my guys to think about performance", he added.

Closing remark on the future of Italian boxing: "Welcome the youtubers if they serve to fill the arenas but in general we need to better promote the matches of the great Italian boxers, which are there. It would serve to follow them months in advance, creating real stories, between mountain training and rivalriesà. Only by generating curiosityà as they have done in Germany can youò get the public" passionate.

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