Sofia Goggia debilitated, puzzles for Federica Brignone

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The Words of the Blue

In the only timed run ahead of the women’s downhill in Val d’Isere (France) scheduled for Saturday, December 16 at 10:30 a.m., sixth, seventh and eighth times in the order for a Sofia Goggia partially debilitated by a seasonal illness, Marta Bassino and Federica Brignone.

"The slope è beautiful, maybe in some places è less treacherous than past editions – were the words of Sofia Goggia – Today I had a quiet lap with plenty of lines in the upper part: being debilitated these days I thought not to push hard today but to keep some energy for the weekend. In the afternoon there will be a nice video analysis to understand the lines that in the race will be to file in several places compared to today”.

“Compared to St. Moritz there’è more shade and the slope has a lot more turns – Federica Brignone– impressions; also the snow è maybe less homogeneous. I did some good sectors alternating with other points where I ended up wide. The goal for tomorrow è to put all the pieces together and have a good race".

Marta Bassino è pleased with the improvements on the smoothness front. “I had a good run and I am also happy with the gap, usually in the upper part I was taking really a lot of disadvantage. I am improving in smoothness, I have been working on it and I am working on it a lot to grow on this aspect that does not come naturally”.

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