Cuadrado knocked out, Inter on the market: possible replacements and Ausilio’s announcement

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Cuadrado knocked out, Inter on the market: possible replacements and Ausilio's announcement

Inter is taking action for the January market: Juan Cuadrado will have surgery on his Achilles tendon in Finland at the beginning of the week and will be out for at least a month. The Nerazzurri adventure did not go as hoped by the Colombian outfielder and the executives of the meneghino club: the former Juventus player after two months of conservative therapy tried to grit his teeth but had to give in to pain.

Inter is thus back to looking around for a replacement, as admitted by sporting director Piero Ausilio: "From Monday he will have to start thinking about something, I have not thought about it yet. Tomorrow he will join the coach and Marotta in Rome, then after the game with Lazio we will also put our heads on this problem that we did not expect". 

"If there had not been this problem of Cuadrado we would not have made market in January. In the next session, we will definitely get a replacement for him. We will consider well whether to get an outside player or do something different. But it has to be a replacement for Cuadrado", he said on the sidelines of an event.

Now hunting for a replacement: among the names on the list is Tajon Buchanan of Bruges. The Canadian outfielder is highly liked but the cost è very high, and on him are competitors with higher budget availabilities such as Manchester City.

Another option è anticipating the purchase of Tiago Djalo, due to expire with Lille in June, by spending a few million euros. Darmian would permanently move to the flank and the Portuguese would play in the center. Also on the list is Thomas Meunier, also expiring with Borussia Dortmund: however, his physical condition has to be evaluated.

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