Milan wins, Tom Bialaszewski admits, “I understand the booing.”

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The knockout hurts, and the post-game statements prove it.

Olimpia Milano routs Varese, beating their historical rivals with a final score of 70-74. The game presents però different sides, with the guests trying to escape in the second quarter, then being remounted and overtaken and managing to close the score with a good finish in the fourth period. Situations that led Tom Bialaszewski to an end-of-game analysis in which regrets prevailed over pride.

"This è was a difficult game, which moreover came at a definitely complicated time for us,” Bialaszewski stressed. “We were defeated by a strong team, but we took the field with the right approach. Then if we had seen this team from the beginning of the season, our position in the standings would be another'qot;.

"We needed to give a new signal after the recent disappointments we had to endure. We managed to play it out until the end against Milan, then it was Shield and Hines who took the chestnuts out of the fire for them. I'm not happy about this situation either, which is why I understand the booing from the public. They are part of both the game and my job", concluded Bialaszewski.

These are the other results of today’s Day 12: Treviso-Trento 86-78, Cremona-Tortona 83-67, Scafati-Naples 91-85, Pistoia-Pesaro 73-74, Sassari-Brindisi 84-81.

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