Napoli-Barcelona, Mazzarri looks forward to it

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Napoli-Barcelona, Mazzarri can't wait

Napoli will face Spanish champions Barcelona in the round of 16 of the Champions League, scheduled for next February. Currently both teams are going through a strong tarnish, but in two months things could be different.

Walter Mazzarri believes in his team’s chances: "I had said after the game against Cagliari that all the teams that qualified for the round of 16 are strong and therefore every pairing would be difficult, this one against Barcelona è especially so. For Napoli it will be a fascinating challenge".

Barcelona and Napoli have faced each other four times in Europe in official matches: two the blaugrana wins, two the draws. 

Deco, Barcelona executive, spoke of a match in the sign of Maradona: "The history of the number 10 in these two teams è impressive, a challenge that will have a special flavor. And the factor of the Maradona stadium will also be felt. Since last year Napoli è returned to its levels and where it deserved to be for a long time. It has important players who are used to playing challenges at this level. It will beà a difficult confrontation".

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