Francesca Schiavone joins the chorus of praise for Jannik Sinner

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Francesca Schiavone joins the chorus of praise for Jannik Sinner

Francesca Schiavone, present at the first edition of the Coni Lombardia Awards, an event conceived and organized with the support of the Region, and è was teased by Tuttosport about the feats accomplished in recent months by Jannik Sinner. Here are his words.

"To see the Davis Cup raised to the sky and to know that we are the strongest men’s national team in the world è a great pride. Jannik has just started his growth by entering the top five in the world. Today è the time has come to reach the top not only to be able to become number one, but to bring home a Slam Cup. Becauseé winning it I think is the most beautiful and exciting thing for those who play this sport…".

“Number 4 lo è Panatta was, I was, Sinner was. But è time to break the ice and go for number three, number two. Maybe number one. The nicest thing about Jannik è the ability to understand that he è is constantly growing. I spent a week training with him and I realized that he doesn’t feel like he has arrived, he knows that he has just started his journey".

"È it was extraordinary, I reached the top of a mountain after a beautiful path to get there – says the “Lioness”, as è nicknamed, recalling her victory at Roland Garros in 2010 -. È it was the biggest happiness of my career. But the trip è was the most beautiful thing I remember well. An unforgettable trip that I wish Jannik" now.

“Difficult to climb this mountain for us Italians? No, è difficult for everyone, not only for us Italians. Concentration and continuous going beyond one’s limits è what is needed today. And Jannik is never satisfied, he always wants to grow".

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