Sinner makes comeback, 2-2 with Medvedev: very open final

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Sinner makes comeback, 2-2 with Medvedev: very open final

Heart-pounding Australia Open 2024 final: Jannik Sinner, after paying the strain of the first career Slam final by losing the first two sets, manages to get back into the match by winning the third and fourth sets against Daniil Medvedev.  The South Tyrolean champion starts very contracted, paralyzed by tension, and suffers a lot both on serve (first serves don’t come in) and in response, while the Russian (alreadyà five slam finals) has an easy game and è is very solid at the serve: the first two sets end 6-3, 6-3 for the Muscovite.

Signs of awakening came already in the second set, but it was in the third set that Jannik really got his hopes back: his serve came back and finally the Azure snatched the first coveted break from Medvedev in the tenth game, winning the third set and reopening the final.

Then in the fourth Sinner completes his comeback: the challenge è in balance but once again the San Candido tennis player places the decisive acceleration in the tenth game, again snatching service from Medvedev and closing 6-4. Now the fifth and decisive set.

Sinner è made it to the final after a three-set victory in the quarters against Andrey Rublev of Russia and a triumph in the semifinals against title holder Novak Djokovic, folded in four sets.

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