Tennis, Carlos Alcaraz is not hiding: the Spanish talent’s admission

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Carlos Alcaraz returns to the difficult moment

He returned to the circuit as best he could have, reaching the final of the Atp 250 in Buenos Aires, but although he has regained his smile Carlos Alcaraz has not forgotten the complicated end of the 2022 season, affected by a series of physical problems capable of eroding his self-confidence.

“I was a little down in terms of morale,” admitted the 2003-class talent on the sidelines of the match he won against Zapata Miralles. “First came the abdominal injury, then the thigh injury. I was forced to recover in those four months, not only in terms of physical condition but also in terms of confidence, it’s hard to stay away from the field.”

“Thanks to the work done in this period I was able to return to competitions: in the first 2023 tournament I took part in I immediately reached the final, it’s something extraordinary,” added the Murcian tennis player.

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