Yamaha calls Valentino Rossi again

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Yamaha calls again Valentino Rossi

Yamaha team manager Massimo Meregalli in an interview with the microphones of Gpone.com confirmed the will of the Japanese team to return to having a satellite team from 2025: in pole there'è always the team VR46 of Valentino Rossi. "It's one of our goals".

"Definitely the first team for us to choose would be Valentino Rossi&#39s, è Yamaha ambassador and our relationships are well known. The idea we have now è to have a direct synergy with the satellite team to work together".

It's been a decidedly bad 2023 for Yamaha: "Without any doubt è it was the worst season since I have been in MotoGP, long because we had Sprints and è it was stingy with results. Unfortunately, we understood from the beginning that the situation would be difficult and, at one point, the only thing we tried to do within the team was not to recriminate, but to try to optimize as much as possible what we had, even though we had already done it the year before,” explained the Yamaha executive.

The decline certainly didn&#39t start this year: "We had been able to hide our limitations in the past two years becauseé others had problems at the beginning. This year, however, everyone started strong, with competitive bikes, and we were faced with reality.

Fabio Quartararo asked the team and Yamaha to dare: "We took risks becauseé Yamaha was not used to giving riders novelties that had not yet been tried by testers. We had nothing to lose and tried to anticipate something. In the end some improvement there'è been in the last few races. Now I hope to start Sepang a little bit more forward than how we finished in Valencia".

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