Inter, more trouble: Simone Inzaghi also loses Federico Dimarco

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Another shingle for the Nerazzurri ahead of their final commitments in 2023.

Inter also loses Federico Dimarco. The Nerazzurri flanker joins the list of Simone Inzaghi's unavailable players, who will also have to do without him ahead of the San Siro match against Lecce, scheduled for Christmas Eve. Juan Cuadrado, who has just undergone surgery, and most likely captain Lautaro Martinez will also be missing in the last Serie A matches of the calendar year.

"Federico Dimarco è underwent instrumental examinations this afternoon at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas in Rozzano,” reads an official note issued by Inter on Friday. For the Nerazzurri outfielder, there was a muscle soreness in the adductor of the left thigh. His condition will be re-evaluated in the coming days". The impression is that the outfielder, in addition to Lecce, will also miss Genoa. It is therefore likely that he will be back at Simone Inzaghi’s disposal ahead of the first match of 2024, against Verona.

Definitely longer is the wait for Cuadrado, who on Wednesday underwent surgery on his left achilles tendon and will have to be absent for at least three months. Regarding Lautaro Martinez, however, the talk è almost indentical to that made for Dimarco. In fact, the Argentine is also struggling with the same injury ("muscular resentment to the adductors of the left thigh"), and therefore the recovery time should be the same. Appointment therefore to 2024 and the match against Verona.

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