Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri pulls ears of former Juventus players

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Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri pulls ears of former Juventus players

In recent weeks several former Juventus players have criticized (some not even too veiledly) Massimiliano Allegri and his coaching style. The Old Lady coach retorted in a press conference, “To the guys who left I can only wish them good luck because they gave so much to Juve but they also received. I am always used to dealing directly with people, when there is to report interviews there is always an extra word. They must also be happy to have been at Juventus.”

In the next challenge Vlahovic and his teammates will face Bologna: “Tomorrow we find a Bologna side that did not deserve the defeat to Empoli. The players are back well, Italy won two games, Bonucci and Gatti are back well mentally, Vlahovic and Kostic did well, the others also. We had two good trainings, tomorrow we have to come back and win.”

Juventus is going through a very delicate moment: “From tomorrow a new season should start. Let’s not forget that the first month was done badly. The data confirm what it was: played nine games, lost three with four draws. We started well then gave up, made bad performances and defeats came. We all have to be aware and responsible for the moment, we talked about it.”

“We looked at a little bit of everything, made a lot of comparisons with each other. Analyzing what could have been the issues. When these moments happen, after bad weeks, you go looking for problems afterwards. We have to look for solutions,” Allegri said.

In closing, a joke about the injured: “Chiesa is not ready yet, the only thing I can say is that next week he will start touching the ball a little more. Pogba hasn’t run yet, we have to see the developments. A lot of water still has to pass under the bridge to play.”

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