Italrugby ready to return to the field, Gonzalo Quesada summons 35

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Italrugby, big maneuvers begin ahead of the Six Nations

With renewed technical guidance and the ambition to return to challenge the greats of European rugby after a chiaroscuro World Cup, Italy of the oval ball announces the first summonses for the gathering in preparation for the Six Nations to be held Jan. 4 and 5 in Verona. Head coach Gonzalo Quesada has summoned 35 players, all of whom are committed to the two URC franchises (Benetton Rugby and Zebre Parma), with the exception of Giulio Marini of Mogliano (Serie A Elite).

As for the players engaged with clubs abroad, the appointment è therefore postponed to the following weeks: from January 22, still in Verona, there will be the second gathering of this 2024, from 27 in Rome the third and last, before the debut in the Six Nations 2024 against England, scheduled at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on February 3, 2024 at 15.15.

Eight are rookies, still waiting for a "cap". "We begin to transfer on the field the principles shared in the first gathering in December,” coach Quesada told Federugby’s official channels. “We will have available all the athletes who play in Italy making a first step, an important one, towards the Six Nations. It will be two intense days with the’objective of laying the foundations of the work that will accompany us" in the coming months".

These are the 35 summoned for the gathering on January 4 and 5:

Danilo FISCHETTI (Zebre Parma, 36 caps)
Matteo NOCERA (Zebre Parma, rookie)
Luca RIZZOLI (Zebre Parma, rookie)
Mirco SPAGNOLO (Benetton Rugby, rookie)
Giosuè ZILOCCHI (Benetton Rugby, 16 caps)
Gianmarco LUCCHESI (Benetton Rugby, 17 caps)
Marco MANFREDI (Zebre Parma, 3 caps)
Giacomo NICOTERA (Benetton Rugby, 18 caps)
Second Lines
Niccolò CANNONE (Benetton Rugby, 36 caps)
Riccardo FAVRETTO (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)
Edoardo IACHIZZI (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps)
Federico RUZZA (Benetton Rugby, 49 caps)
Andrea ZAMBONIN (Zebre Parma, 3 caps)
Third Lines
Lorenzo CANNONE (Benetton Rugby, 16 caps)
Giacomo FERRARI (Zebre Parma, rookie)
Toa HALAFIHI (Benetton Rugby, 12 caps)
Alessandro IZEKOR (Benetton Rugby, rookie)
Michele LAMARO (Benetton Rugby, 33 caps)
Giulio MARINI (Mogliano Veneto Rugby, rookie)
Sebastian NEGRI (Benetton Rugby, 52 caps)
Manuel ZULIANI (Benetton Rugby, 17 caps)
Alessandro GARBISI (Benetton Rugby, 7 caps)
Alessandro FUSCO (Zebre Parma, 17 caps)
Opening Mids
Giacomo DA RE (Benetton Rugby, 2 caps)
Leonardo MARIN (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps)
Giovanni MONTEMAURI (Zebre Parma, rookie)
Juan Ignacio BREX (Benetton Rugby, 30 caps)
Filippo DRAGO (Benetton Rugby, rookie)
Tommaso MENONCELLO (Benetton Rugby, 12 caps)
Marco ZANON (Benetton Rugby, 16 caps)
Pierre BRUNO (Zebre Parma, 15 caps)
Simone GESI (Zebre Parma, 1 cap)
Edoardo PADOVANI (Benetton Rugby, 44 caps)
Lorenzo PANI (Zebre Parma, 5 caps)
Jacopo TRULLA (Zebre Parma, 8 caps)

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