Six Nations, Michele Lamaro speaks out to Italy ahead of Scotland

©Getty Images

The desire to do well is great, and Italrugby knows how to try.

Italy is ready to say goodbye to the Six Nations in the match against Scotland scheduled for Saturday at 1:30 p.m. The Azzurri are coming off four defeats in four matches, some of them bitter because they came after good performances. And that is precisely why captain Michele Lamaro has framed the work to be done ahead of the match in Edinburgh.

“I think the start of the game is crucial if we want to play it to the end,” Lamaro told ‘Sky Sport’ microphones. “So we definitely want to start strong, we want to be incisive from the first second. We have been working on this very thing during the week, so I really expect a lot of intensity from the first minute.”

“What we actually can control is our work, our execution, our details. So we want to focus on that for tomorrow and bring it on the court 100 percent,” Lamaro assured.

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