Adriano Panatta, big show with rugby players

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Adriano Panatta also dispenses advice to rugby players

Adriano Panatta also dispenses advice to rugby players: Massimo Brunello’s National Under-20 team, engaged in the Six Nations Summer Series, was a guest late Monday evening of the former racquet ace. Panatta wanted to meet the blue team at the Racquet Club.

“I am so happy to have you here. I am following your exploits and I am sure that on Wednesday with Wales you will have a great match. After all, to win or to lose you need the exact same effort, so better to win. I always applied this rule as a player, also because I always thought that De Coubertin did not really understand much about sports,” the former tennis player said.

Thrilled, Azzurrini captain Ross Vintcent then presented a blue jersey signed by all his teammates: “Thank you for this invitation, it is an honor for us,” his words at the time of delivery.
The evening ended with an aperitif (strictly non-alcoholic) offered by Panatta to the whole group, who lingered for about an hour watching the final of the clay tournament organized by the facility.

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