Cagliari pounces on two midfielders

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Cagliari pounces on two midfielders

After netting the hits Di Pardo and Viola, Cagliari is studying a new profile to reinforce the midfield. Two names are currently highlighted in Capozucca’s notebook: Kristoffer Askildsen and Gonzalo Escalante.

The former, owned by Sampdoria and sought by the Sardinians back in January, collected just over 950 minutes spread over 22 games last season. He could arrive on a dry loan: given his young age (he is a class of 2001), the Doriani would like to make his bones.

Escalante is part of Lazio’s never-ending list of redundancies: he spent the last 6 months in La Liga at Alavès with good results but he does not fit Sarri’s plans and could leave soon. The formula, in this case, could be a loan with right of redemption (perhaps linked to the club’s promotion).

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