Lautaro Martinez-Inter: there is still distance for renewal

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Lautaro Martinez-Inter: there'è still distance for renewal

One of the hot topics that has been circulating for quite some time at Inter è that related to the future of Lautaro Martinez,who is dragging the Nerazzurri to the tune of goals both in the league and in the Champions League. The meneghino club, also accomplice to the will of the player to remain in the Nerazzurri, would be working to find the white smoke, but the operation is proving to be decidedly long, since there would still be distance between the parties. However, some progress, in recent weeks, there would be.

According to a report by "La Gazzetta dello Sport", between supply and demand there would be a distance of about 2 million euros, since the Nerazzurri club would have put on the plate an offer of 8 million euros net per season, while the request of the player's entourage would be around 10 million euros. The parties, however, would have already reached an agreement regarding the length of the extension, which will be until June 30, 2028.

On the contract renewal, in response to statements made by Ds Piero Ausilio, Lautaro Martinez himself exposed himself: "As the director said, we are on the right track. We are missing the last details, it is not è an easy thing, but there is no hurry becauseé I still have two and a half years left on my contract. I am calm".

"Lautaro said it is a short time before renewal and there's confidence, I don&#39t see why I should say anything different. His intention and ours go the same way, we both want to extend this relationship. Of course being that there is a negotiation going on there'è we need some patience. We know that it will take some time to complete the operation, what is certain is that we will reach an agreement that will satisfy both the club and the player, these, instead, are the words of Ds Piero Ausilio.

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