Fiorentina, Lucas Beltran reveals a market backstory

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Viola center forward reveals a market backstory

During an interview given to the microphones of "Eurosport", Argentine center forward Lucas Beltran, among other topics discussed, dwelt on his decision to prefer Fiorentina to other clubs that were interested in him in the last summer soccer market session. In addition, the Tuscans’ striker also revealed in backstory about Roberto Mancini regarding the possibility of playing for the Italian national team.

"In the summer, in addition to Fiorentina, Roma and Real Madrid also contacted me. I chose Florence becauseé I felt it. One day I woke up and told my brother that I wanted to go to Fiorentina. It was the club that showed the most interest in me, they strongly wanted me. I è really liked the city, the sports center, Viola Park, è beautiful, so I am very happy to have come here. I think I made the right decision" debuted the Argentine center forward.

"Playing for Italy è was a very concrete possibility. I received almost at the same time the two convocations, the one from Scaloni and the one from Mancini. I had to make a decision. I chose the Argentine selection for my family, è it was a very intimate and personal feeling, but the opportunity to play with the Azzurri jersey was there. They called me from Italy, but then I followed my heart" added the former River Plate player.

"They started calling me thatì back in the days of Colón de Santa Fé when I played lì. I think the reason is the blond hair, the beard a bit' longer and the attitude on the field, always fierce" commented Lucas Beltran about his nickname ('Vikingo').

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