Milan, Stefano Pioli dry about his future

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Milan, Stefano Pioli dry about his future

Here are the words of Milan coach Stefano Pioli at the end of the match won 3-2 against Frosinone in the away match with Jovic’s decisive goal. Quotes reported by Sportmediaset website.

“Jovic è a decisive player. He’s not getting a lot of minutes but he uses them to help the team. I push him so much, I believe in his qualities. But not è only credit to Luka. We started soè soè then we grew, we didnè t concede so much. Then we went under but from the character point of view we did not give up”.

“My future? My emotions and feelings I don’t think should be of interest to anyone, in the sense that it doesn’t matter if I get bored or not annoyed. What is important is that I and the club are focused on the present. These are rumors that do not touch me, I have been part of this world here for too long to get annoyed or worried about certain rumors. And then è as it has always been since I have been at Milan there’è a club that at the end of the year evaluates the work and chooses. The club decides;. At Milan I am not great, more’. I felt good from the first day, I tried to give something every day. If you ask what è my desire è to do very well this year, the season è still long, and then the future will be seen.

"We had also believed in it with Bologna but we did not succeed. In the new year we are very close to the levels of Inter and Juventus who are going very strong. Inter-Juventus will be a great match between two teams that are dominating the league. It will beà very balanced as è it was in’the first leg”.

“Qualitiesà technical, moral… Oli (Giroud, ed.) gives usà so much in everything. We exploited well the 1vs1 on the outside with Leao and Pulisic, maybe the area should have been filled better. With the two forwards we did it better. Tijji (Reijnders, ed) is playing a lot, sooner or later he had to miss one… He will get a chance to be more fresh for the Europa League but we have the alternatives. Bennacer è returned in good condition, Musah canò play well lì. We have the alternatives to cover the’absence of Reijnders, but with different characteristics”.

"I think the more we go up the level, for example against Napoli and Rennes, the more we have to raise the level of our situations. Even on the second goal taken, we are there but we are not careful until the end. We do not take the’insertion as we are used to do. I think Frosinone in the second half did not finish so much toward the goal. It is not è a situation to tell you that you are not working well in the defensive phase forò è clear that you can still do many things better, especially in non-possession of the ball”.

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