Hakan Calhanoglu, the truth about his farewell to AC Milan.

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Mirabelli’s words

Former Milan manager Massimiliano Mirabelli has revealed a market backstory on the much-discussed move of Hakan Calhanoglu from Inter Milan. "The Rossoneri club had to fight to keep him, not let him leave at zero as also happened later with Donnarumma and Kessie".

"The fans at Milan admired him. Today they think he has betrayed the Rossoneri, but it è not so;. È Milan who did not want to keep Calhanoglu, not Calhanoglu who ’è wanted to leave Milan", he clarified in an interview with Tuttosport.

"Why didn't I get him at Inter before he went to Milan?” It took some courage to get Calhanoglu after he had been idle for eight months,” Mirabelli told Tuttosport -I was sure of what I had seen and that is why I was quite happy to bring him to Milan. Ausilio however, knew him well. And then è he was good to take him at zero. He could be taken, è true. In fact we monitored him for a couple of years. Forò you know, there are market dynamics that lead you to choose this or that footballer". 

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