F1, Fernando Alonso’s future has become a mystery

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Hamilton’s move to Ferrari turned everything upside down

On Monday, February 12, the new Aston Martin will be unveiled. Alonso is looking forward to discovering the real strength of the new single-seater. The year 2024 will be an important one for the Asturian, who, after Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, is doing different thinking about his future. It is not a given, in fact, that he will remain at Aston Martin even for the 2025 season.

Alonso wants to understand whether the new single-seater will be able to do well. If not, as Marca reports, he will evaluate every option. Mercedes has not yet made it known who will be there alongside Russell in 2025. Wolff explained that he still does not know whether he will bet on a young or an experienced driver. In short, Alonso could also be approached by Mercedes.

There'è then also the Red Bull option. Alonso could also be put alongside Verstappen for the 2025 season. Clearly, if either team were to think about Alonso, here is where the Asturian would respond. However, before any talk related to his future, the Spaniard wants to see how the new Aston Martin performs on the track. On the table are many possible scenarios for the future of the two-time World Champion.

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