Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, reverse team challenge? Chances increase

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A great challenge from the past that could be repeated in 2025.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel could find themselves back on the track against each other, with the same single-seaters that marked their battles between 2015 and 2019. One the key difference: they would find themselves in reverse steering wheels, with the Briton in Ferrari and the German in Mercedes. This is one of the hypotheses that is increasingly gaining momentum ahead of 2025.

If in fact the seven-time world champion has already made his move to Ferrari official from the 2025 Formula 1 season, the colleague who has not been on the track since late 2022 (when he leaves Aston Martin) is fueling rumors of a comeback. In fact, Vettel published a post on Instagram showing him in a clip from his years in Red Bull, in which he says (in German): "Since the beginning of January, basically, I have been preparing for the new year, for the new season. I have been in the simulator many times now, and also with the team in England. This is to slowly get back into the right rhythm".

So the final message: "There's still a race to win. I am getting back into the right rhythm". And while there are undoubtedly references to Red Bull, there is actually more insistent talk of Vettel moving to Mercedes, perhaps just in place of old rival Lewis Hamilton. A hypothesis already framed at the beginning of the month by the 'Gazzetta dello Sport', with Toto Wolff (who already contacted him in 2020) frank in admitting to having already heard from him.

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