More Fernando Alonso than Sebastian Vettel: the advice to Mercedes

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He made it in time to see him win his two world championships on the track, now he believes in a trio.

Fernando Alonso in Mercedes represents for David Coulthard the best possible solution for the Anglo-German team in view of Lewis Hamilton's farewell. This was stated without mincing words by the former McLaren and Red Bull driver, who considers the Asturian expert an even better possibility than Sebastian Vettel&#39s return to Formula 1.

"If I were in Mercedes, instead of Hamilton I would choose Alonso,” Coulthard said in a speech for the podcast 'Formula for Success'. Fernando canò race at a high level, è still a fighter, plus he knows Mercedes engines thanks to his experience in Aston Martin. For the same team he also drove Vettel, who però compared to him had a few more difficulties.

Coulthard è went even deeper; on Vettel: "I attended an event with him at the Nürburgring last year. I saw him very convinced that he didn't want to come back to racing, even though he seemed to still have unfinished business with Formula 1. He would in any case be a good option for Mercedes, both because of his experience and in terms of marketing. I però suspect that life would not be easy" for him.

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