Sinner effect: it’s booming demand for tickets now unavailable

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Sinner effect even for tickets

There’è a Sinner Effect even for tickets to attend Grand Slam matches. Indeed, a recent study by the platform Lost in Tennis highlighted the difficulty of finding Grand Slam tickets. Finding difficulty that has existed for a while now, but has become even more pronounced today, with thousands and thousands of Sinner fans willing to follow him around the world.

The study by Lost in Tennis reveals crucial details about the challenges that fans and fans of Sinner, and tennis in general, must face to secure a now-privileged place on center court at prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. Tournaments ranging from the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open, and played in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York, respectively.

The athletes and the rivals of the Grand Slam are the beating heart of the Grand Slam. Players from different generations compete on these courts, resulting in epic clashes and rivalries that have remained and will remain in the collective memory of the sport.

Few tickets and high demand, the reason for the unobtainable tickets

First, the'analysis of Lost in Tennis ( points out that, on average, fans should expect to pay at least &euros; 91.58 per match pre-scheduled on Center court on the first day of Slams, with prices ranging from 41.68 &euros; for the Australian Open up to 120 &euros; at Roland Garros, with Wimbledon and the US Open in between.

The situation changes dramatically when targeting a spot for the men’s final of the tournament.

The analysis reveals that the average cost of tickets on Center court stands at &euros; 465.35, with prices starting from 322.17 &euros; for Wimbledon up to 603.23 &euros; for the’Australian Open, with Roland Garros and the US Open in between.
However, the Lost in Tennis study points out that these averages hide the real difficulties associated with buying tickets. Demand far outstrips supply and competition è extremely high: in the reality of the facts è it is almost impossible to obtain center court tickets at the prices provided in official tournament channels.

Becauseé one goes into paradoxical situations.

“For example, in order to get the  ticket on the center court of Roland Garros through the official channels, and thus at the price they officially set, one has to participate in a kind of “click day” which takes place about two months before the event (March 13, 2024, from 10 a.m.), where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will be connected, all at the same time and all with the same intention. The result è obvious: almost impossible to secure a ticket in the quantity and manner preferred, perhaps finding availability for that field on days other than one’s preference or finding a ticket for a secondary field instead of the Central”, explains Schirru.

For the US Open in New York the same dynamic is roughly repeated.
Even different is the case of Wimbledon, where è a real brainy mechanism has been planned. At Wimbledon it is not officially possible to buy a ticket online (except for one specific case, the Ballot), but only at the ticket office at the’entrance of the facility on the day of the event: fans from all over the world line up – some take part in the “Queue” even from the night before – to get a chance to enter the facility and grab a seat in the Central.

Tickets for the Central made available are only 500, out of 15,000 capacity seats. The remaining tickets are sold in advance through other channels such as “Debenture Tickets” or through the “Ballot”, a kind of draw that guarantees preemption in the’purchase of a ticket.

Grand Slam Tour: organized groups of fans are born, to travel and find tickets

To make this experience as accessible as possible, the enthusiasts of the Lost in Tennis platform are putting their experience at the service of other enthusiasts, and after numerous requests they are organizing themselves with travel packages to Grand Slam tournaments, with tickets included (thanks to the collaboration with tour operator Moondoo).

Enthusiasts who with years of experience behind them have come up with complete solutions for other fans, including guaranteed tickets, quality lodging and city tours In short, everything you need to have a'tournament experience forgettable accompanied by an on-site coordinator.

"We fully understand the difficulties associated with purchasing Grand Slam tickets and the complexityà in organizing a trip to these iconic events. Information is fragmented and often unofficial, found mostly in language English. Tournament locations are not necessarily around the corner and one must coordinate with the logistics of these movements. Moreover, there are so many websites that implement scamming behavior and contribute to making it more complicated. So as fans, we have created secure travel packages that aim to simplify this process, offering fans a convenient and efficient way to experience the Grand Slam tournaments", says Michele Schirru, founder of Lost in Tennis.

The Grand Slam Tour thus offers the opportunity to visit with other fans the grand slam destinations, such as Paris, London, New York, Melbourne, venues of the respective tournaments: Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Us Open, Australian Open.

The travel packages offered by the platform include between between 8 and 15 participants: “Our first trip è departing for Roland Garros in Paris in May 2024, will be followed immediately by Wimbledon in London and then the US Open in New York”, concludes Schirru.


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