Jannik Sinner: psychologist highlights her strengths

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Psychologist highlights Jannik Sinner’s strengths

Jannik Sinner seems to be unstoppable, and among what is most surprising about the South Tyrolean champion is his mental toughness. To understand more; Sportal.co.uk polled Luisa Cirimbilli, a clinical and sports psychologist.

Doctor, among your varied expertise, some of it is related to sports, as you can also read in your website: in that sense, what are you particularly concerned with? " I’m a sports psychologist and I deal with mental training, because exactly as you train the physique you can also train the brain".

What is the idea of Jannik Sinner è? "I will preface this by saying that I do not know him personally. What you però clearly perceive is his ability to tolerate frustration and to exploit the right moment to succeed in bringing the course of the match to his advantage. Tennis, being an individual sport, exposes the’athlete to total responsibility for events, one can’rely only on oneself and one’s self-efficacy, and that’s the feeling of being in control of events".

Did your no to the Tokyo Olympics surprise you? Wasn’t there a risk of negative image fallout? "I believe that one of the characteristics of great champions is self-awareness and awareness of one’s own moments of form and mental and physical condition, as well as the ability’to set goals for oneself and do everything possible to achieve them: at that stage a medal at the’Olympics was a difficult goal for him to pursue, unlike today and it is no coincidence that he will go to Paris with ambition and pride, with the knowledge that he can fight for a medal for’Italy".

And the no to the Sanremo Festival? "Being an athlete and being a character are two quite distinct concepts, probably Jannik wants to invest in the former and speak with deeds instead of words".

Whyé Sinner canò more and more; be an example for young people? "Becauseé è example of seriousnessà and dedication and often reminds us how one does not become a champion by accident, even when he talks about his family’s attitude he tells us so much about his 'secrets' to get to excel. Respect for the boy&#39s times were crucial".

No Italian è made it this high in the world rankings, but he aims to become No. 1 overall. What advice would you give him to get there? "Work, awareness, commitment and fun. If we can find our right mix nothing becomes impossible".

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