F1, Daniel Ricciardo crowns the new Red Bull: “Wow.”

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The RB20 looks like the best car, Red Bull never stops

For a change, Red Bull again. Early season testing has confirmed how Verstappen and Parez’s new RB20 è the best car on the track. After dominating the 2023 World Championship, Red Bull could continue to dictate. Ricciardo thinks so, too, who does not hide his admiration for the incredible job that, once again, Red Bull has done.

"I think it is a team that gives the best of itself when they win. When they are at the top è as if they want to completely rout the competition. Not è like, 'Okay, now we are winning. Let’s go on vacation'. È instead, it&#39s more like: ‘Let&#39s keep our feet firmly on the ground&#rsquo;… That&#39s where I think they&#39ve come this year", the words of Ricciardo, Red Bull official driver from 2014 to 2018.

The Australian has infinite esteem for Newey, the guru behind Red Bull’s success and, of course, the new RB20, which, already, after the first tests, scares everyone: "They will win races, I’m sure, but I don’t feel like saying yet that they will be unbeatable. I think F1 is too unpredictable to say that Red Bull è unbeatable. I think they will do very well but now è too early for everything else", his words reported by Marca.

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