Naples, Francesco Calzona doesn’t give up: ‘We still aim for the top’

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At the first time in Serie A, confirmation è of the problems gripping the team.

Francesco Calzona frames the problems of his Napoli side, which was forced into a draw at home to Cagliari in the dying minutes and is still holding back in Serie A. It was a performance that the Azzurri’s new coach wanted to try to explain, confirming that the reigning Italian champions are grappling with problems more from a psychological than an athletic point of view. And this also concerns the team’s leading men.

"The boys have good physical condition, the problem è from the mental point of view. The confirmations came against Barcelona, but also today,” Calzona explained to 'DAZN' after the Cagliari match.

If there'è something to reproach this group è the management of moments. We knew we would face a dirty game, and we had to drop into this kind of dimension first. Especially since we created two important chances that we did not materialize. We restart from the discrete management after the goal made, we can not do anything else".

Calzona, in any case, aims to act on the performance of the most expected players at his disposal and does not change Napoli’s goals. "Since I arrived I have had both individual and group talks. The team è made itself available immediately and we need time, although we have little of it. Kvaratskhelia? He is doing everything to do what I ask him to do, maybe even è far too focused. Champions? We have to think one game at a time, as long as the arithmetic does not condemn us we have to aim for the maximum", he said.

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