Derthona, Marco Picchi highlights the merits of Walter De Raffaele

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Derthona, Marco Picchi highlights the merits of Walter De Raffaele

During an interview given to the microphones of the "Stampa- Alessandria", the president of Bertram Derthona, among other topics, dwelt on the impact that Walter De Raffaele has had since his arrival on the Bianconeri bench in place of Marco Ramondino. In addition, the patròn did not hide his satisfaction with those players who managed to snatch convocation in their respective national teams.

"When you come to the decision of a change in technical leadership, è because è you perceive the needé to give a shake, also from the environmental and emotional point of view. Certainly Walter has given us a big hand in this regard. We needed a bit of electroshock, he with his character qualities, as well as technical knowledge and experience, è managed to revive an environment that had come to Christmas a bit 'in 'technical depression'. He has great credit for what he has accomplished in these months, in which we have taken away a lot of satisfaction and put ourselves back on track" began the president of the bianconeri.

"Having elements called up by their national teams è always a source of pride for a club like ours and of great satisfaction especially for individual players, for whom it represents an important outlet in their careers. We have been closely following the path taken by Luca Severini. We hope to have more and more; becauseé it would mean to have in one’s roster more and more good players. The training committed to Next Gen then excited us, I join the compliments given to the youth sector management, from President Coffano to Director Ablatico and Luca Ansaloni" continued the patròn of the Piedmontese.

“Working within the facility and training in that environment è something fantastic, we see daily the arena taking more and more shape. Work is progressing apace. We are now only a few months away, we can't wait to enter the new home that the Gavio family wanted for Derthona and for all Tortona people.” Marco Picchi commented on the new arena.

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