Ferrari, Charles Leclerc preaches calm and puts pressure on Red Bull

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Charles Leclerc’s words ahead of the Bahrain GP

During the press conference for the presentation of the Bahrain GP, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, among other topics, spoke about his feelings ahead of the first round of the 2024 world championship. In addition, the Monegasque driver did not want to make any predictions regarding the potential competitiveness of his car.

"I think the biggest question now is our competitiveness in absolute, è it is quite difficult to say now. However, we found answers to some questions we had before the tests. The car reacts as it did in the simulator, è more drivable in windy conditions" began the Monegasque driver.

"I am usually a person who smiles, but last year è it was very difficult to do so, because é probably è it was the worst year of my F1 career, nothing è went right. We must not però confuse driveability with competitiveness, because ité will take time to really understand our level. If our maximum was the fifth or sixth position, I would no longer smile," continued Ferrari’s number 16.

"Compared to last year, we have learned a lot and now we know exactly what areas we still need to work on and this è positive because we can better plan the next months of development. We have to understand what our starting point is, at the moment è it is difficult to understand where we are compared to Red Bull. My feeling è that they are still superior, but by how much I could not say. Maybe after the first races we will have a&39;clearer idea" concluded Charles Leclerc.

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