Max Verstappen left Chris Horner speechless

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Christian Horner’s words

Christian Horner on Motorsport Week praised Max Verstappen. “I’ve never seen anything like what happened at Montmeló in 2016, when he won on his debut, it was something special. The great thing is that he is open to pushing himself in all areas, he believes there is always more to do. He’s clearly the most talented driver we’ve had on the team over the years.”

“nother episode made me realize that we were in front of a prodigious talent. It was the 2015 Spa race, and he flanked the outside of Blanchimont Felipe Nasr. I thought, ‘This guy is really brave and fast.’ You could see it that season, he was a shining star. We promoted him to Red Bull where he made some mistakes. In those cases I was always open with him, like in the PL3s in Monaco in 2018. I explained to him how he was very fast, so he didn’t need to push like hell from the first corner. He went away, reflected, and the next weekend in Montreal he was like a metronome.”

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