Paul Banchero, record-breaking debut at LeBron James

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After the first two games of the opening night, the NBA got into full swing with 12 more matches.

The Detroit Pistons won over the Orlando Magic 113-109, but Paolo Banchero, the first overall pick in the last draft, debuted with 27 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists: only LeBron James had managed such a feat.

Simone Fontecchio also officially started his adventure with the Utah Jazz but stayed on the court less than a minute.


Detroit Pistons – Orlando Magic 113-109
Indiana Pacers – Washington Wizards 107-114
Toronto Raptors – Cleveland Cavaliers 108-105
Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls 108-116
Brooklyn Nets – New Orleans Pelicans 108-130
Atlanta Hawks – Houston Rockets 117-107
Memphis Grizzlies – New York Knicks 115-112
Minnesota Timberwolves – Oklahoma City Thunder 115-108
San Antonio Spurs – Charlotte Hornets 102-129
Utah Jazz – Denver Nuggets 123-102
Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks 107-105
Sacramento Kings – Portland Trail Blazers 108-115

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