Juventus, Adrien Rabiot exposes himself on renewal issue

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Adrien Rabiot already goes flat on the subject of renewal

In addition to planning the next soccer market session in the best possible way, one of the hot topics at Juventus è is that related to the future of those key players for Massimiliano Allegri’s technical project, one above all Adrien Rabiot, whose contract will expire at the end of the season. On the renewal issue, in fact, to the club’s official channels the French midfielder himself expressed himself.

"The first year è was difficult, having to adapt to a new team and a new country was not easy, but the team welcomed me very well and in the end we won the Scudetto. For me è it was incredible to win in Italy. For me winning the championship with Juve è was one of the most beautiful things I have experienced, we could not celebrate with the fans for the Covid, but I hope to win more with the bianconeri. 2020 è was a bit of an oxen period, becauseè I scored my first goal, but without fans I could not celebrate it as I would have liked" debuted the French midfielder.

"With the coach there's a very good relationship, he already wanted me when I played at PSG, before I arrived at Juve when Sarri was on the bench. I had already talked to Allegri the year before, but then he went away. The thing I like most about him è that è he really is a great professional. There are few coaches like that," continued the 1995 class.

"The captain sash means so much to me. I wore it with Milan at San Siro and I was excited. This è one of the most beautiful memories of my experience at Juve. I arrived at the age of 24, I have been here for five years and it è an honor for me to be so appreciated and to be named as one of the team captains. I always try to give my best. I am grateful and proud of my adventure with the bianconeri, reaching 200 appearances è very nice and I will continue to do my best every voltà that I take the field" concluded Adrien Rabiot.

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