Leao, Rossoneri heart: “Renewal, love pact.”

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The words of Rafael Leao

Rafael Leao in his biography titled "Smile, my life between soccer, music and fashion" spoke about the negotiation for the renewal of his contract that will bind him to the Rossoneri until 2028: "C'è took some time, but at the signing my thought è was clear: it is not è an economic pact, but a pact of love. Anyone would like to play in Milan".

" I wanted to stay to complete a period of growth that I had started and to show how much more I could give as a footballer and as a man. Winning the Scudetto had shown me how good it was to win as a collective. My renewal was not è never a tug-of-war over money matters, as many have said, and I also had no doubts about the technical direction the team was taking".

"I certainly have to thank Giorgio Furlani. È a great person, we talk to each other often; he always tries to speak to me in Portuguese. His presence and constant support help me win on and off the field, as well as grow as a person. The same thing I have to say about Gerry Cardinale: every time he sees me we talk and you can see that he loves me and wants me to stay at Milan”.

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