Cristiano Ronaldo sanctioned in Saudi Arabia

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Cristiano Ronaldo sanctioned in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo è was sanctioned with a one-day disqualification in the Saudi Arabian league, and an $8,000 fine, because of a vulgar gesture he made on the field last weekend.

The Saudi Football Federation said the Al-Nassr captain broke the rules against provoking the public during a match.

After his team’s 3-2 victory against Al-Shabab, Ronaldo made a vulgar gesture several times by bringing one hand close to his groin and another to one ear as the crowd taunted him by chanting Lionel Messi’s name.

Its video è went viral and è rose to the top of Saudi social media trending topics. The Al-Riyadiya sports daily reported that Ronaldo reportedly said he respected all soccer teams and that the gesture expressed "strength and victory" — not offense — and was considered acceptable in Europe.

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