Marc Marquez-Ducati: now Jorge Lorenzo has doubts

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Marc Marquez-Ducati: now Jorge Lorenzo has doubts

Former Honda, Yamaha and Ducati centaur Jorge Lorenzo spoke to about the now imminent MotoGp World Championship: according to the Majorcan former rider, Pecco Bagnaia, who won the last two titles, remains the number one favorite for the final victory: "I think Pecco is like a robot".

"He's similar to how I was, the same kind of rider. He needs everything to go perfectly to feel strong and then è unbeatable. I think the two world titles he won made him gain more self-confidence. His confidence è now skyrocketing"” Lorenzo explained. "Bagnaia must feel important in the team and have a perfect situation. Then he will prove it on the track… We cannot deny that Bagnaia è one of the strongest and for me, untilé someone proves otherwise, è the favorite".

Jorge Lorenzo then had his say on Marc Marquez, highlighting some of the doubts that have come to him since the pre-season tests: "He drives a little bit’ like he drives the Honda. Then there'è the question of the gap between a Ducati GP23 and the GP24, understanding how much Ducati has evolved this bike from one year to the next. If the difference è very big…".

In addition, Lorenzo put the emphasis on the Catalan’s physical condition: "Has he fully recovered? Or does he still need more time to reach his peak? Will he be like before at the physical level? Only he and those around him" know.

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