Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso doesn’t expect any surprises

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Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso does not expect surprises

The start of the 2024 F1 season è began decidedly colorless for Fernando Alonso, who did not è go beyond ninth position in the opening race in Bahrain. A few days before the second round in Jeddah, the Spanish driver è expressed his feelings ahead of the Saudi Arabian GP. In addition, the 42-year-old also è unbalanced about the competitiveness à and the development of the car.

"Jeddah will be an interesting race. This week, at the Saudi Arabian GP, we will be able to see a more competitive version of the car. There are very different circuits and we have only seen this car in testing and in the first race in Bahrain. In Sakhir, last year this track favored Aston Martin and Mercedes, we will see if it will be like that again this year. Regardless, I expect Red Bull and Max Verstappen to continue to dominate" began the Spanish driver as quoted by "FormulaPassion".

"The top speed and cornering have improved. We made sacrifices in the slow corners and we have to analyze them. Testing was very limited and it was very windy, so with such major changes to our car we will have to stabilize things" continued the'former Ferrari.

"When I went to the factory in January, the expectations were realistic and we knew the work we had done in the winter. We completely changed the philosophy of approaching the season. We have a good starting point, but we expect continued progress over the course of the championship. Last year we put everything on the table from the start, but then we were not able to react to the strong pace of the top teams" added the 42-year-old from Oviedo.

"This year we have more hope for the second part of the season. We have to confirm it in the next races, but I am confident and happy. We are where I expected to be, fourth or fifth car, as we finished last year. We started like we did in Abu Dhabi and now it is up to us to step up like McLaren in 2023 and become more competitive in the second half of the championship" concluded Fernando Alonso.

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