Juventus house revolution: women’s first team coach changes

©Getty Images

Montemurro Street

Through a note, Juventus announced that è an agreement has been reached with Joe Montemurro whereby, as of today, he will no longer serve as coach of the women’s first team.

“The entire club would like to thank Joe for the work he has done over the years that led to the conquest of 1 Scudetto, 2 Italian Supercup and 2 Italian Cups. The technical leadership of the women’s first team is temporarily entrusted to the’assistant coach Giuseppe Zappella” fans know from the HCL button room.

“Montemurro arrives at Juventus in 2021 on the strength of a’relevant international experience in women’s soccer,” the note continues: two titles in Australia, won with Melbourne City, and one in England, with Arsenal, are her calling card. At Juventus, in these years, he has made a great contribution in terms of, first of all, ideas, above all that of proactive soccer. And then, of course, of results: mentioned above her palmarès, the two excellent participations in the Women’s Champions League in 21/22 and 22/23” should also not be forgotten.

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