F1 Ferrari, Charles Leclerc disappointed. Vasseur applauds Bearman

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F1 Ferrari, Charles Leclerc disappointed. Vasseur applauds Bearman

Second place is not enough for Charles Leclerc: after the official qualifying of the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver confessed his disappointment at not being able to snatch the pole position from three-time world champion Max Verstappen, who was once again uncatchable: "We tried something different with two laps of preparation, but it did not work".

Leclerc: "Moreù behind than I hoped"

"On the second lap I put everything together and I think that was the best the car could give today, but we are a little bit’ further behind than we hoped in qualifying, but the raceè tomorrow. I hope there can be a positive surprise so we can challenge the Red Bulls. We have definitely taken a step forward in the long runs". 

Leclerc applauds 18-year-old Bearman: "Immediately comfortable"

"Ollie did a fantastic job. Despite only doing FP3 he got into a rhythm right away and was è comfortable with the car. I am happy for him, è it went well, è a special day. It will be; his first race and I hope we can both have a great race on Saturday and get good points for the team".

Vasseur: "Bearman? We called him at 2 p.m."


Of the same opinion team principal Frederic Vasseur: "We called him at 2 p.m. today and told him he had to get in the car. He did PL3 as his first F1 session in Jeddah and did a very good job overall. He missed Q3 by a couple of hundredths. He did a’very good session: this morning we focused on the various procedures of starting, pit stops and so on and he handled everything very well"

Vasseur and Leclerc’s anger: "Just soì"

"If Charles was a bit’ angry è becauseé second place is not enough for him and I agree with him’. The Ferrari boss highlights the good race pace of the Reds: "If we look at yesterday’s race simulation there’è the feeling that we are not too far away. In 2023 we were a second apart at the beginning and in the end we managed to fight with them on some occasions. This year we are starting from a better condition. We have to keep pushing and the team è very motivated". The'last word for Carlos Sainz: "Carlos’s operation was early this afternoon and I know that everything’s gone well, but it’s too early to draw up a recovery program. We will talk with the surgeon at’the beginning of next week and then we will make a decision, but the most important thing è is that he is well, without rushing the time".

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