Chieri, mortgage on Cev Cup triumph

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Neuchatel-Chieri 0-3

It speaks in favor of Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76 the final first leg of the CEV Volleyball Cup. Bregoli’s girls imposed themselves 0-3 in the Viteos Neuchatel UC arena accomplishing with authority and authoritativeness the first step towards the conquest of the trophy.

In the three sets, won 23-25, 13-25 and 24-26, without ever losing calm and concentration the biancoblù showed by ability to suffer in difficult moments bringing home a well-deserved success. A splendid collective proof that rests on a convincing performance in all the fundamentals, starting with the service that in different phases of the match made the difference.

The MVP award goes to Skinner who scores 13 points. In double figures among the Chierese also captain Grobelna (17) and Weitzel (12), while among the Swiss the 19 points of Scambray, best scorer of the match, stand out. The return final will be staged Wednesday, March 20, in Turin at the already sold-out Gianni Asti Pala. To win the cup at Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76 will be sufficient to win one point.

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