Luciano Spalletti explains the exclusion of Francesco Acerbi

©Getty Images

Luciano Spalletti stands with Francesco Acerbi

The coach of the national team, Luciano Spalletti, spoke in a press conference about the Acerbi-Juan Jesus case that è cost the Inter defender the exclusion from the list of summoned for the American tour. I would never want to be in this position here, but we have the responsibility for a very important sport for our nation".

"And, given what è came out, we have to necessarily act, even with things still to be clarified,” he added. “For what Francis told me, there’s no racist incident. But we have to be careful with our behavior, with everything we do and say. All the more so when we are part of the national team. The 2 hours on the field are important, but so are the other 22 hours when we wear the national team".

"È a huge regret to make decisions for these episodes here. We have to be careful even when we report it such an episode, if we suffer it in such a blatant way as è it came out. We are all in this case. Now we have seen Francis in difficulty; and for us he è important. Nothing changes from the point of view of team strength, but we are sorry from the human" point of view, Spalletti concluded.

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