Acerbi-Juan Jesus case, the Giudice Sportivo calls the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

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No ruling so far


There was great expectation for the decision of the Giudice Sportivo on the episode that has been much talked about these days: the sentences said by Francesco Acerbi to Juan Jesus during Sunday’s match between Inter and Napoli. For now, però there has been neither acquittal nor conviction for the defender of the Nerazzurri team.

“Having read the match director’s report, deems it necessary that it be investigated by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to report to this Judge, after hearing if necessary also the persons directly concerned, what happened between Soc. Napoli footballer Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus and Soc. Internazionale footballer Francesco Acerbi about any expressions of racial discrimination uttered by the latter towards the Soc. Napoli footballer” made Gerardo Mastrandrea know.

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