Jannik Sinner leaves Serena Williams speechless

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The words of Serena Williams

Jannik Sinner received a rare and prestigious compliment from the queen of tennis, Serena Williams, after her remarkable victory over Daniil Medvedev in the semifinals at the Miami Masters-1000. Serena, winner of 73 career titles, including 23 in the Grand Slam and an eight-time champion in Florida, è came down to the court to congratulate the high-schooler.

"I wish I had your forehand" the former world number one's first words that embarrassed the young interlocutor: "Don't say that" the reply before a new compliment that was even nicer: "Really: the speed" of the racket, the power… You are incredible",

This recognition from a women&#39s tennis icon underscores Sinner&#39s high status outside Italy as well. Now, Jannik finds herself being compared to the best players ever, and such compliments will remain etched in her memory forever.

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