MotoGP, Carmelo Ezpeleta stays in the saddle and aims high

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Spanish manager è leading motorsport for 34 years

Now è official. MotoGP è passed to Liberty Media, which already owns Formula 1. A 4.2 billion euro deal that will giveà the start of a new era for the MotoGP protagonists. There will be many changes and new ideas but always with Ezpetela pulling the strings. The Spanish manager, who has been at the helm of motorsport for 34 years, will remain in place and will help Liberty Media create even more interest around the world of two wheels.

"What can Liberty Media do? Continue to grow MotoGP, explain even better what a wonderful sport it is, get to places we have not yet reached", his clear words reported by Gazzetta dello Sport. Indeed, thanks to the new owner, the stars of two wheels will land in places never "experienced before", soì as to bring new fans closer.

Ezpetela, 77, publicly thanks Domenicali, president and ad fi Formula One Group: "We started talking already; a long, long time ago. Stefano and I have been great friends since 1992, when he was race director of the Italian GP at Mugello and then circuit director. Over these years we have often compared ourselves on so many things and, of course, his presence è has been important in this operation".

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