Napoli, for the bench the big dream is Antonio Conte

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The technician è was already "tempted" by the blue club last October

Calciomercato Napoli: the Azzurri club, now also out of the Champions League sprint, is thinking about how to resurrect next season. Clearly, the first piece concerns the choice of who will have to lead the new Napoli. At the moment, Calzona’s confirmation seems unlikely. A top coach is needed to kick-start a new (winning) project, and De Laurentiis would have a big dream: Conte.

The former coach of, among others, Juventus, Inter and Chelsea, è was "approached" by Napoli already last October but without being able to find an agreement. The Azzurri patron seems determined to try again, also because è Conte è is considered the right man to start from. A maxi-hire would be ready to convince him to choose Naples and not to consider other benches (Liverpool and Bayern Munich possible interested clubs).

In addition, accomplice to the sure sale of Osimhen, the Neapolitan club would also have an important nest egg to invest in the market. Conte would have the opportunity to choose some players congenial to his game and, therefore, build a team suited to his football credo. In short, Napoli è ready for anything to have Conte on the bench starting from next season, the one of rebirth.

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