Nicola Pietrangeli shoots high on Jannik Sinner

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Nicola Pietrangeli shoots high on Jannik Sinner

During an interview given to the microphones of the "Day", former Italian tennis player Nicola Pietrangeli, among other topics, dwelt on Jannik Sinner’s triumph at the Miami Masters 1000. In addition, the former world number three spoke in no uncertain terms about the South Tyrolean player&#39s extraordinary state of form and his potential.

"Jannik has it all, è a champion with a capital C, how can you not love such a nice and polite 22-year-old boy, those who speak ill of him can only be envious. Sinner è destined to become perhaps the strongest Italian tennis player ever. This è a phenomenon that fortunately Gesù child took him off the ski slopes and sent him to the tennis courts" began the former Italian tennis player.

"Italians are a people of fans, not sportsmen. When one wins it is about getting on the bandwagon and right now its è nice and big. I think that today to beat Jannik he would have to come the devil himself and maybe he wouldn&#39t win anyway, because he&#39s got some flaws too, while Sinner lacks nothing" added the former world number three.

"There's one record that Sinner will never be able to take away, that of the number of Davis Cup victories. All the others, however, I am convinced that he has all the qualities" to beat them" Nicola Pietrangeli chipped in.

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