To PaviArt Faravelli brings his art: wines

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At PaviArt, on opening day, Antonio Faravelli could not be missed. The owner of Cantine Vitea and promoter of the "Golf and Wine 1895" project had the opportunity to talk with a variety of visitors while exhibiting his workhorse.

The ambition of the winemaker and golfer from Montù Beccaria, in the province of Pavia, è to revitalize the prestige of Made in Italy. Through the brand "Golf and Wine 1895", Faravelli aims to enhance the link between the territory and its distinctive fruits, integrating the essence of sport with that of wine tourism. The initiative aims to promote golf and wine as representative symbols, in order to increase tourist appeal and project local excellence on the global stage.

With more than a hundred years of experience, Faravelli&#39s winery stands out in wine production in the Oltrepò Pavese area, continuing to pursue the goal of innovating and improving the quality of its products. This commitment is reflected in the careful management of each stage of production, ensuring wines that not only respect tradition but are also synonymous with authenticity.

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