Cagliari, Claudio Ranieri seeks points with Atalanta

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Cagliari, Claudio Ranieri seeks points with Atalanta

These are the words of Cagliari coach Claudio Ranieri on the eve of tomorrow&#39s away match at 6 pm at the Unipol Domus against Atalanta: “È a battleship, it plays that è a wonder: one-two, overlaps, physical, technical, sometimes it knows how to be perfect. We know what we have to do, with respect but not fear, playing our competition".

"Points should be sought against anyone. For sure,” Ranieri continued, “we have three difficult games ahead of us, but let’s think one at a time. They are eight very difficult matches, for us but also for the other teams fighting not to relegate".

Probable return to the field of Gaetano: first becauseé he is well. And second becauseé the team with Verona è went better with the trequartista, Viola. "With Verona we did better when we put back a linking element. We need that pawn, forò è it is true that Verona was a very difficult team to face, my fear was their restarts and their aggressiveness. L'Atalanta è even stronger on the restarts. We will have to have all our antennae upright to pick up every signal throughout the entire match".

"Lapadula? You have to thank him every time because he always plays with a problem in his patellar tendon, he guarantees great sacrifice and dedication to the cause. Pavoletti and Petagna? Leonardo we expect and monitor him step by step, Andrea should be back with us in the coming days and we will understand how he is, ditto Mancosu should be kept an eye on a daily basis to understand when he canà return available".

“Luvumbo has already made great strides since he è arrived in Sardinia, he should be more reflective during the game, but this way we would risk losing some of his verve and unpredictability, a balance between the various talents that he will acquire with time. Already; today he è an important pawn for us, maybe alternating current but very valuable".

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