Fear for Andrea Dovizioso: motocross accident, he is out of danger

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Fear for Andrea Dovizioso: motocross accident, away in helicopter

Great fear for former Ducati centaur Andrea Dovizioso. The rider from Forlì, 125 world champion and for years among the best centaurs in MotoGp, è fell while training with a motocross bike on the track of Terranuova Bracciolini, in the localityà Il Tasso, in the province of Arezzo. The accident, reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, è occurred Tuesday morning around 11.

Dovizioso would not be in mortal danger: falling, he would have suffered a head injury by hitting his head on the ground. As a precaution, the rider from Forlì è was transferred by helicopter to the Florentine hospital Careggi, in code three: he never lost consciousness after the accident.

Dovizioso has always trained in motocross, one of his great passions. In MotoGP he won the 125 title in 2004, while from 2017 to 2019 he dueled with Marc Marquez for the MotoGP world title.

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