Carlos Alcaraz admits Jannik Sinner’s superiority

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Carlos Alcaraz admits the superiority of Jannik Sinner

During an interview given to the microphones of the Spanish daily "Marca", Carlos Alcaraz, among other topics discussed, bluntly expressed himself on his rivalry with Jannik Sinner, who will most likely mark the next era of world tennis. In addition, the Murcian tennis player è unbalanced himself on the race for the top of the ATP Ranking between him, the South Tyrolean and Novak Djokovic.

"Who will end up leading at the end of the season? Well, I hope to finish in first place, but for quality of play expressed and continuity; I think it will be Sinner who will finish this season at the top of the ranking" began the Spanish tennis player.

"Both at the sponsor level and at the scoreboard level there's a difference between being number two and number three in the world. In the end forò you know that at the sports level you will have to beat the best to win. We have a very intense few weeks ahead of us. I hope to pick up the pace necessary to get to play at Roland Garros at 100 percent" added the world number three.

" I have already won several Slam tournaments and we play to have a chance" to win these tournaments. Forò I think Wimbledon is a world-renowned tournament and winning it è was a big step for my career" concluded Carlos Alcaraz.

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