Lorenzo Musetti also immediately out in Madrid

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Masters 1000 Madrid: Thiago Seyboth-Wild-Lorenzo Musetti 6-4 6-4

Lorenzo Musetti’s "NO" moment continues. After his elimination on his debut at the Barcelona ATP 500, the Carrara tennis player è also went out immediately in Madrid, where he è was beaten in two sets by Brazilian Thiago Seyboth-Wild with a score of 6-4 6-4. For the Italian it was the 13th defeat of the season in 22 matches faced.

In the first set, the first opportunities to take the lead are for Musetti, who fails to take advantage of them properly accomplice a poor incisiveness in response. Seyboth-Wild, for his part, è adept at keeping the game under control and taking advantage of his opponent’s several freebies won the first partial with a score of 6-4.

The second set developed along the same lines as the first, with the blue player failing to materialize his chances to take the lead and the South American è cynical in taking advantage of his opponent’s difficulties. In the ninth game came the decisive break by Seyboth-Wild. In the tenth and final game, Musetti failed a chance to stay in the match and the Brazilian managed to close the score on 6-4.

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